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Rules of the quiz


The quiz is organized by LECTURA GmbH Verlag + Marketing Service, residing at Ritter-von-Schuh-Platz 3, 90459 Nuremberg, registered at HRB Nuremberg 6657, UST-IDNR. DE133525700 (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).


The quiz takes place from March 1 to March 31, 2018.

Participation in the quiz

Only an adult natural person with a mailing (postal) address in the European Union may participate (hereinafter referred to as the Participant). If the winner is not of legal age, the Organizer may require approval from his/her legal representative in order to award the prize.

People with a mailing address outside the European Union may also participate in the quiz, but cannot qualify to receive prizes.

Rules and quiz procedure

Joining the quiz

Anybody interested may play the game in the application on the quiz website, without any registration, while the quiz is open. In order to join the competition, it is necessary to register after playing the game by completing the provided form with the following data: name (compulsory), and e-mail address (compulsory). Without registration it is impossible to join the competition, win any prize or have the final results displayed, such as the best playing time and position, or to have your name displayed in the Leader Board section.

How to play

When the Participant clicks on the “Take the quiz” button, a temporary page listing the basic rules of the quiz displays. The quiz starts once the Participant clicks on “Are you ready? GO! The timer starts and 10 images display one by one. There are two types of images. The first type shows heavy machines, with the logos of their manufacturers removed. The second shows just company logos and asks a question about that brand. Four possible answers will be displayed under each image, but only one is correct. The Participant’s task is to select the correct manufacturer or answer for each image. Upon selecting one of them, another image displays with another four options, and the process repeats. For each incorrect answer, 10 seconds are added to the Participant’s final time as a penalty.

Once the Participant selects an answer for all 10 images, net play time, final time with the penalty added (if applicable), and the number of incorrect answers will display.

S/he will be urged to enter his/her personal or contact data, i.e. name and email address, and to confirm his/her approval of the Rules of the quiz if s/he is a new player. If s/he has played before, s/he will be urged to enter his/her e-mail address.

Or the player can register through “Login with Facebook”. If the player isn’t logged in to Facebook yet, s/he will be urged to enter his/her login information and log in to the service. The player will then be asked to agreement to the terms of providing information about his/her public profile and email address. saves the following information once the player gives his/her consent: email address, link to Facebook profile, age range, language, sex (female/male), name and surname used on Facebook and Facebook ID. If the email address of a potential winner is unavailable, s/he will receive a message on Facebok instead.

Once his/her data has been entered, the Participant’s current position, net play time, final time with the penalty added (if applicable), and the number of incorrect answers will display. In the event that the Participant has played several times (“I’ve played before” option), his/her best time will also display, compared with his/her most recent result. Each Participant will have only his/her best achieved time included in the final Leader Board, no matter how many times s/he has played.

After each game, the Participant may share his/her best result together with the link to the quiz application on two social networks, i.e. Facebook,and LinkedIn, also through an e-mail client or with a “Copy link” option. If somebody else clicks on this shared link, one credit is awarded to the Participant, giving him/her another chance to play, regardless of how many times he/she has played that day. If the Participant obtains more clicks through his/her shared links, each click adds one credit. The Participant may thus, in a single day, play as many times as his/her friends have clicked on the shared link on the social networks.

Once started, the game cannot be interrupted or restarted.

After his/her first game, each new Participant will receive an e-mail through the quiz application to thank him/her for participating. This email will be sent to each e-mail address only once during the entire duration of the quiz.

Winners and prizes

From March 1 to March 7, 2018, the Participants in the quiz will be able to win a bonus prize – 1 ticket to MAWEV Show 2018, which takes place on March 14–17, 2018 in St. Pölten-Wörth, Austria. The top 10 players in the competition on Wednesday, March 7th at 10:00 a.m. will each qualify to receive free entry to the trade fair, provided they reply to the email notifying them about the special offer. Their reply constitutes consent in participating in this bonus event and without such reply by March 8, 2018, the Participant is not eligible to receive free entry to the trade fair. These winners will still be able to win the main prize.

There will be 33 main prizes in total for the top 33 players on the Leader Board as of April 1, 2018, 10:00 a.m.

If several Participants achieve the same best time, the rankings will be determined based on the number of their incorrect answers and time. The Participant with the smallest number of incorrect answers will thus be placed above the Participant with a bigger number of incorrect answers. In the event that several Participants achieve the same number of incorrect answers, the date and time of playing the game is decisive, where the Participant with the earlier date and time will be placed on the Leader Board above the Participants who started playing the game later.

See for a complete list of prizes for the Participants.

Announcing the winners and awarding the prizes

The final overview of the winners will be published in the quiz application on the Leader Board section on April 1, 2018, 10:00 a.m.

In order to inform the winners and to request their mailing addresses to send the prizes, the e-mail addresses entered during the registration will be used. If the winner does not react to repeated messages informing him/her about the prize or if the delivery of the prize fails, such prize(s) will remain in the ownership of the Organizer without any compensation. The prizes will be delivered via mail at the Organizer’s expense or via e-mail in the case of online prizes.

If the winner does not react to the message informing him/her about the prize by April 12th, or if the delivery of the prize fails, such prize(s) will remain in the ownership of the Organizer without any compensation.

Other conditions

Participation in the quiz is voluntary and by participating the Participant expresses his/her agreement with the rules.

The prizes are not legally enforceable, cannot be replaced, and it is impossible to require money or anything else instead. Unaccepted prizes remain in the ownership of the Organizer. The Organizer is thus under no obligation towards the Participants, and the Participants have no right to require any other settlements on the Organizer’s part other than those stated in these rules.

The Organizer reserves the right to remove from the quiz any Participants who violate the rules, as well as Participants who have registered in the quiz several times with various email addresses. Also, the Organizer is entitled to check whether all the data entered by the Participant is correct, and in case some data is incorrect or falsified the Organizer is entitled to forbid the Participant from joining the quiz, remove him/her from the quiz or to not grant him/her the prize without any compensation.

Each participant can win only one prize even if he/she registered with more than one e-mail address.

The Organizer is not responsible for any actions taken by the Participants or any violation of the copyright act or any other rights by the Participants.

The Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision related to the progress of the quiz, including the decision on potential complaints or objections of the Participants.

The Organizer reserves the right to change these rules or prizes in the quiz anytime. The Organizer also reserves the right to postpone, prolong, interrupt, shorten or cancel the quiz during its duration, while the Participants have no claim for any compensation of costs spent on their participation in the quiz. It is not the Organizer’s responsibility to ensure that the game is working or that the messages and prizes are delivered.

All the employees of the Organizer and their direct relatives are excluded from participating in the quiz. In case such a person wins any of the prizes, s/he will not be granted it.

Privacy policy

By participating in the quiz, the Participant expresses his/her approval of having his/her personal data processed for the marketing purposes of the Organizer and also agrees with his/her result in the game being published together with his/her name and surname on the Organizer’s website and social networks, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The approval with the above-stated personal data also applies to him/her potentially winning a prize in the quiz.

The Organizer is entitled to use the personal data of the Participants for the needs of its own marketing and development of products and services provided by the Organizer or for the needs of any third parties on behalf of the Organizer as a part of the above-stated activities (mainly marketing and public opinion surveys). Also, the Participants may be contacted by the Organizer concerning these purposes.

By participating in the quiz the Participant also agrees with his/her e-mail address being included among subscribers of e-mail news, notifications, administrative messages, and other information (together also referred to as Business messages) via e-mails, including Business messages promoting third parties.

By participating in the quiz the Participant also agrees with the fact that the personal data s/he provided may also be used and processed to the full extent for the above-listed purposes through third parties authorized by the Organizer, mainly partners sponsoring this quiz, and then further passed on by the Organizer with the aim of promoting the Organizer and maintaining the general development of business relations with the partners of the Organizer.

If the Participant does not want to receive any Business messages, s/he has a right to reply to the e-mail message sent by the Organizer with “unsubscribe” in the subject line, together with the e-mail addresses to which Business messages should no longer be sent. Any potential requests concerning the Business messages related to third parties need to be sent directly to these third parties.

Providing this personal data is voluntary and may be canceled by the Participant in writing at any time. Retraction of such approval comes into effect upon its delivery to the Organizer. However, due to such cancellation the Participant may not be awarded any prizes won during the quiz.

The Participant has a right to require information about the data related to him/her free of charge and a right to correct, block or delete this data. Any questions related to the collection, processing or use of personal data, publishing, correcting, blocking or deleting it or approval retraction expressed should be sent directly to the Organizer at LECTURA GmbH Verlag + Marketing Service, residing at Ritter-von-Schuh-Platz 3, 90459 Nuremberg, or via e-mail to

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files containing a string of characters that may be placed in the Participant’s computer or mobile device and that clearly identify the browser or device of the Participant.

Cookies enable a website or a provided service to find out if the Participant’s computer or device has visited the website or used the service before. Cookies may then be used to understand how the website or service is used, help the Participant find what s/he needs on the website, help remember his/her preferences, and help him/her improve browsing in general. Cookies may also help provide online marketing so that it targets the Participant and his/her interests.

The amount of time which the cookie remains in your computer or mobile device depends on whether it is a persistent (also called permanent) or a session cookie. Session cookies remain in your device only until you finish browsing. Persistent cookies remain in your computer or mobile device until expiration or until removed.

The Participant can always disable the use of cookies in the settings of his/her browser; however, s/he should bear in mind that in such cases s/he may not have access to some parts of the Organizer’s services and some parts of these services may not work correctly.

More details on cookies at

Use and acquisition of information related to the use of social networks

The Organizer uses the environments of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Xing, with the aim of using and obtaining information. These plug-in modules of other platforms are recognizable by their logos and corresponding styles of the texts of the given platform. If the Participant uses some of these plug-in modules to select some of the the Organizer’s websites, the Participant may create a direct connection between the browser used and the corresponding websites of the given social network.

As this transfer always takes place between the browser and the corresponding network, the Organizer has no access to the sent data or any information about it.

If, at the same time, the Participant were signed in to some of these platforms or later signed in to the given social network, the plug-in modules will be able to automatically match the information to the Participant’s account. This is why this information will be matched to individual users. The same procedure applies to the use of plug-in modules (e.g. Like button) or to adding comments, too.

If the Participant clicks to activate, for example, the button to express approval (e.g. Like on Facebook®) or add some comments, depending on the provider of the social network, in general, the following data may be transferred: IP address, information about the browser and operating system, screen resolution, installed plug-in modules of the browser, such as Adobe Flash Player, previously visited addresses in the case that the Participant has visited the website by clicking on a link, and the URL address of current website.

The Organizer has no control over this data in corresponding social networks. If the Participant directly uses some of the above-mentioned social networks and makes the content accessible to the users of these networks or on these platforms, then this content, including for example images, information, contact information, the Participant’s personal opinions, and other types of personal data, shall not be subject to this declaration by the Organizer. Any content of this type is subject to the conditions of use and privacy policy of the corresponding providers.

Any content the Participant publishes in the environments of these social networks is accessible to public.

Concerning the above-stated, the Organizer recommends that the Participant properly read his/her personal rights and liabilities as well as the rights and liabilities of the corresponding platforms of social networks.

These quiz rules are available on the website of the Organizer at

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